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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Tools for Positive Change

The Richmond Community ToolBank provides easy access to tools and equipment for nonprofit organizations, community groups and volunteers to catalyze positive change and amplify the impact of their projects and initiatives. Through the lending of tools, we ensure that these valuable resources are available to member agencies who might not have the budget to support their own toolshed, enabling them to undertake a wider range of projects that address crucial needs in the community while directing funds directly to crucial components of their mission.

Their mission is about inspiring others to take action and contribute to the betterment of the community. Since 2015, they have inspired more than 430 nonprofits and 110,000 volunteers to complete thousands of community-led initiatives in Richmond and beyond, such as equipping all 170 parks in Richmond City with public furniture.

They believe that removing barriers and offering a means for community members to come together and make a tangible difference can ignite a spirit of volunteerism and social responsibility, thus creating a ripple effect of change to inspire a community-wide movement where everyone realizes the potential they hold to bring about transformative social impact.

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