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Healing Pain to Live Life More Fully

Jan 03, 2024 12:43AM ● By Catherine Atienza

Exhale Myofascial Release RVA helps Richmond residents resolve their pain so they can live an active life. Owner Patti Calkins is a licensed physical therapist assistant, licensed massage therapist and certified aromatherapist. She founded the business in 2022 and says, “My inspiration for becoming a physical therapist assistant was to be able to help people learn how to heal themselves from pain. Initially, it was through exercise and gentle massage, but expanded as I sought training in myofascial release with John Barnes. I found I was able to help some patients, but not all, because of the limitations of insurance. Eventually, I decided to return to massage school so I could build my own myofascial business without those restrictions.

Exhale specializes in John Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) and provides a 75-minute session comprising 60 minutes of treatment and 15 minutes of education about self-care and a treatment plan. Calkins says, “No other local MFR therapist has my credentials as an LPTA. My experience as a physical therapist assistant includes almost 20 years working with old and young, orthopedic, neurologically complex and pelvic floor patients. Additionally, we are the largest provider with two therapists in-house.”

She explains, “Myofascial release is changing lives. Our clients have spent years trying other things without true resolution of their pain. When they finally find us, they start to notice improved mobility, improved sleep, lightness in their body, improved connection to their body and emotions, the ability to participate more in their favorite activities and resolution of their pain.”

As for her rapid success, Calkins advises, “My experience in physical therapy and my passion for helping folks live full and active lives is appealing to the clients we meet. They tell their friends and loved ones, and their friends tell their friends. In less than two years, I’ve grown a very busy practice with two therapists. We are reaching out to local businesses and starting to create events to reach more of the local community. We’ve had a waiting list for more than a year, which is why we brought on a second therapist. She is busy now as well, but we will be adding more visits with her in the coming weeks to help reduce the wait time to get in to see us.”

Exhale will be partnering with local businesses in the coming months and a stretch/myofascial care class will be offered at CoreFitness.

Exhale Myofascial Release RVA is located at 2405 Westwood Ave., Ste. 103, in Richmond. For appointments and more information, call 804-404-6563 or visit