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Natural Awakenings Richmond

OpenSpace Massage + Bodywork

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Founded 2016

OpenSpace Massage + Bodywork offers massage therapy for anxiety, trauma and pain. Whether you’re looking to heal from injury, complement your mental health treatment strategies, manage a chronic illness, create time for relaxation and decompression or just better connect with your body, OpenSpace provides an open, accepting, inclusive and safe space to help you meet your wellness goals.

OpenSpace’s massage practice is rooted in empowerment theory to help you think positively about your innate ability to take care of your body and health. Using methods based in anatomy and physiology, owner Erin Osiol tailors treatment plans based on individual client goals. She believes that when you stretch, physically and emotionally, you open up and create space for greater movement, healing, vulnerability and growth. OpenSpace is woman-and social worker-owned/operated, consent-based, trauma-informed, body-positive and LGBTQI-affirming. Located in Bon Air.

Categories: Massage, Bodywork, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal Massage, Sports Massage