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Our hyper-local Custom Targeting Model is a superior online alternative to cookie-based ads because we target brand websites using sophisticated research to identify the audiences that visit them.


4-Leaf Productions Premium Digital Advertising's Custom Targeting Model offers three major advantages to other online advertising options:

1. 100% Hyper-Local Reach; placement is not affected by cookie blocking

2. 100% Viewability; all ads are placed to appear above-the-fold, giving them full exposure

3. 100% Transparency; we provide a detailed monthly report that includes the sites your ad appeared along with impressions and click-through rates (CTR)

In comparison, traditional cookie-based targeting yields:  
  • 37% Reach (eMarketer); over 63% of users have "do not track", 3rd party cookie blockers or ad blockers
  • 54% Viewability (Comscore); up to 46% of ads placed are out of the view of site visitors
  • Unknown Transparency; lists typically show the sites your ad may have appeared on and the geographical area may be outside of your target market in order to achieve the number of impressions sold

See how our Custom Targeting Model stacks up against the digital status quo “cookie-based” model (sample = 100 people interested in making a purchase in any given local market):


Isn't it time you went digital with a focused, local plan that generates results?

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For more information, email [email protected] or call 804-405-6724.