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Natural Awakenings Richmond


BOOKS. The True School Is Life. Books for Conscious Living such as: “Recognize and Heal Yourself through the Power of the Spirit“, “Living and Dying to Keep on Living“, “Cause and Development of All Illness“, “The Life I Chose Myself“… and much more! 1-844-576-0937. 20% off with coupon code: OFF20

ROOM TO RENT in Natural Healthcare Clinic at The Boulders. Ideal tenants: Energy and/or Body Work Practitioners or Acupuncturists. Shared furnished treatment room with minimum lease of 2 days a week starting at $225 monthly. Utilities included. Inquire at [email protected] or 804-272-1224.

2021 Healthy Living Guide
Serves as your local "green" pages — a handy reference tool to use when searching for businesses, practitioners, products and services to help you live a happier, healthier, more balanced life. Click here.