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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Spiritual Counseling/Sacred Services and Rituals

Ordained Unitarian Universalist minister with PhD in Health Education offers guidance to adults on soul/inner-work journeys seeking spiritual growth, through 1-1 spiritual direction, ritual and teaching/facilitating small groups. 30+ years combined experience in ministry, chaplaincy and teaching.

Category: Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Counseling, Chaplaincy, Ministry, Rituals, Spiritual Direction, Soul Work, Innerwork, Coaching


I sought out Cathie as a pastoral counselor when I was really struggling with depression and lack of Direction in my life. I really connected with her on a spiritual level and appreciated that she offered a safe space and a very warm and comforting presence. Her knowledge of both the Book of Changes from Chinese philosophy and spiritual wisdom from native American traditions was inspiring. Her good listening skills and heartfelt advice helped me to find a better Direction in my own life as well as serving as a very good reminder to love myself and stay in the present moment. Thank you Cathie! I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Service on Nov 12

Cathie's counseling about family dynamics helped me to create an opportunity for self care while meeting family obligations. When I traveled long distance to my family home, her words provided valuable help in a time of need. Cathie is a long-time friend and I really value her advice.

Service on Dec 11

With her compassion and insights Cathie was able to guide me back towards my spiritual path. A blessing indeed!

Service on Aug 01