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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Ayurvedic Counseling with Kay Franz

(L) Kay Franz

Kay Franz, a recent graduate of the Himalayan Institute Advanced Ayurveda Yoga Specialist program, is now accepting appointments for private Ayurveda consultations and Ayurveda educational workshops.

“Based on your own unique nature, Ayurveda recommends lifestyle and dietary practices to support improved health and well-being,” says Franz. “As an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, I am trained to assist individuals in assessing their daily routines, their current diet and lifestyle practices. Working with a client, I can help identify ways to bring greater health and balance into their life. In collaboration with a client, recommendations may include healthy daily routines, food and nutrition, yoga or other exercises, breathing practices and supportive spiritual practices like meditation.”

Ayurveda, known as Yoga’s sister science, is a 5,000-year-old system of healing. It examines physical constitution, emotional nature and spiritual outlook in the context of the elemental qualities of the natural universe. Ayurveda sees each of us as a unique blend of those qualities and makes assessments accordingly.

For appointments, call 804-305-6374 or email [email protected].