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Thermography for Heart Health

Jan 01, 2017 01:36PM ● By Martin Miron

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the number one cause of death in the U.S. is heart disease, but we can live longer and better with early detection, healthy lifestyle choices and appropriate treatment. Registered Nurse Debbie Troxell, a thermographer at Lifestyle Designs, at the Wellness Village, and Matthew Lee, M.D., a licensed pharmacist and physician of eLEEte Physicians, LLC, explore ways that thermography, best known for its non-invasive, radiation-free breast screening, has many other applications, including identifying possible cardiac issues.

            Lee recommends the Health Screens for men and women to best detect possible heart and vascular issues. He says, “One of the imaging sequences that is part of these screens, in addition to assessing for thyroid disease, breast abnormalities and upper back stress and inflammation, screens for cardiovascular disease.”

            When reviewing the results, Lee explains that he is looking for inflammation that could indicate developing cardiac issues, noting, “When there is inflammation in tissues of the body, a greater quantity of heat is going to be released from that region, and this is what thermography, or infrared imaging, detects.”

            If there are suspicious findings noted, the next step could include conservative dry brushing, application of a homeopathic, anti-inflammatory cream or lifestyle changes that include healthy nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, adequate sleep and/or massage therapy, among others.

            “For more concerning findings, or if there is no improvement with alternative strategies, the next step would be evaluation by a qualified healthcare practitioner, which may involve a physical exam, lab work and/or further diagnostic testing,” says Lee.

            Typically, health savings and flexible spending accounts cover the service. However, patients should check with insurance carriers to determine coverage. Lee says, “We offer special pricing during February in recognition of American Heart Health Month and always offer a 10 percent senior discount for those 65 and over.”

Lifestyle Designs is located at 1404 Starling Dr. For appointments, call 804-683-7774. For more information, visit See ads, pages 13 and 29.

Martin Miron is a regular contributor to Richmond Natural Awakenings.