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Kudos ~ Tessa Broadwater

Tessa Broadwater

Tessa Broadwater has joined Dr. Sherron Marquina and the patient support team at Health InSyncs, in Bon Air. She earned an undergraduate degree in sports and exercise psychology from West Virginia University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in exercise science and wellness and nutrition. Broadwater brings a dedication to excellence, and her commitment to kindness and teamwork makes her a valuable asset.

Health InSyncs provides individualized care using functional diagnostics, gentle structural balancing, clinical nutrition and advanced electromagnetic therapies. They blend ancient healing practices and advanced health technologies to support clients in rediscovering their best function and vitality.

Location: 9210 Forest Hill Ave., Ste. B3. For more information or to make an appointment, call 804-377-2222 or email [email protected]