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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Project Yoga Richmond Unveils New Logo

The nonprofit Project Yoga Richmond is a local yoga studio and outreach center that works to expand access to the benefits of yoga to everyone in RVA, and they have rebranded after 10 years of service to the community. While their flagship studio must remain closed due to the pandemic, individuals may practice with ambassadors any time, day or night, at A subscription at any tier gains one access to the entire library of classes, meditations, sound therapy sessions and more.

In their new logo, the flower represents the organization’s next phase of growth and community impact. The flower is part human, part nature and has no specific age, race, ability, gender or income level. Its arms are spread wide, open to all in a spirit of inclusivity, open to possibility, empowerment and love. The circular bloom represents the infinite nature of their work together. It is never-ending, balanced, unified and whole, yet connected to its roots.

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