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Natural Awakenings Richmond

ANNE WRINN, C. HYP.~Rapid Transformational Therapist~Wellness Profile

Anne M. Wrinn, C.HYP.

Rapid Transformational Therapist
804-840-3656 •

My hypnotherapy business serves clients who deal with drinking, smoking, addiction, depression, anxiety, insomnia, procrastination, weight and physical issues. Everyone has the ability to use their subconscious to enact change.

What wellness services do you offer? I offer hypnotherapy services that combine talk therapy, neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis.

What are your areas of specialty? I have helped many people improve communication skills and stop being people pleasers. I have also helped people with confidence and relationship issues.

What is your philosophy of healing? Everyone has the untapped power of the subconscious available. It is the powerhouse (96% of your brain) and when used it gets extremely rapid results. Talk therapy typically uses only 4% of the brain. Imagine the results you get when functioning at 100% rather than 4%.