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New Herbalism Book by Kat Maier

Jan 01, 2022 01:17PM ● By Heather Nygren
New Herbalism Book by Kat Maier

Author of a new book, Energetic Herbalism: A Guide to Sacred Plant Traditions Integrating Elements of Vitalism, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, Kat Maier is the founder and director of Sacred Plant Traditions, a center for herbal studies in Charlottesville. One of her greatest accomplishments has been to train the many clinical herbalists that have gone on to begin other schools, apothecaries or open practices of their own. In clinical practice for more than 30 years, Maier teaches at universities, conferences and herbal schools across the country and around the world. Also a founding member of Botanica Mobile Clinic, a nonprofit dedicated to providing accessible herbal medicine to local communities, Maier is coauthor of Bush Medicine of San Salvador Island, Bahamas.

In this new resource both for the home apothecary and clinical practitioners, the celebrated herbalist brings alive elemental relationships among traditional healing practices, ecological stewardship and essential plant medicines. By honoring ancient wisdom and presenting it in an innovative way, Energetic Herbalism is a profound and practical guide to family and community care for those seeking to move beyond symptom relief and into a truly holistic framework of health.

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