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Natural Awakenings Richmond

The Garden is Glowing

Nov 02, 2023 10:25PM ● By Catherine Atienza
The sixth annual Garden Glow, at Maymont, will run through November 12. After dark, dramatic
lighting effects transform the familiar gardens and architecture into a sensory adventure.
Wednesday through Sunday evenings, the Glow Village springs to life on the Carriage House
Lawn, featuring cozy fire pits, a rotating selection of local food trucks, a Glow Bar and fun
activities like the life-size Big Bright Mega Light and the Shadow Wall. Guests can shop from an
array of brightly lit accessories and the highlight of the evening is an immersive, self-paced stroll
through the gardens.

Maymont President and CEO Parke Richeson says, “We hope everyone has a chance to come out
and experience Maymont in a whole new light.” This year features a new art installation,
Positiva, by local artist Alfonso Pérez Acosta, who is engaging members of the community in a
participatory project to paint lightbulbs with messages addressed to someone that could use the
positive thoughts. These bulbs will light up the interior of the arborvitae grove alongside the
artist’s own hand-painted bulbs. Guests can take a selfie with the artwork and share their own
positive messages via social media.

Location: 1000 Westover Rd., Richmond. For more information, call 804-525-9000 or visit