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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Otter Love at Maymont

Mar 01, 2024 06:00AM ● By Catherine Atienza

As the Robins Nature Center welcomes a new otter to join Louis, the Maymont Foundation is asking the public to help name her. The 3-year-old female arrived shortly after Thanksgiving and has been acclimating to her new environment behind the scenes with the help of Maymont aquarists and zoology staff.

After a monthlong health quarantine, she and Louis have been gradually getting acquainted in adjacent spaces following a disciplined introduction protocol. On weekdays when The center is quiet, she and Louis have been taking turns in the outdoor pool area of the otter habitat where they can swim and sun themselves on rocks.

President and CEO Parke Richeson says, “We are delighted to provide a forever home to this rescued otter in the habitat at Maymont. Otters are an important species in a healthy James River ecosystem, and they help engage our guests in learning more about the environment.” A major infrastructure Maymont 2025 project will expand the accessibility, guest engagement, safety and long-term preservation of the historic Maymont Mansion and wildlife habitats.

Location: 1000 Westover Rd., Richmond. For more information, call 804-525-9000. To vote on a name, visit