Healing and Pain Resolution are Twin Goals at RVA Physical Therapy

Ramakrishnan “Ramky” Kavaserry

With a master’s degree in physical therapy from Loma Linda University, in California, and a number of additional professional certifications, board-certified physical therapist Ramakrishnan “Ramky” Kavaserry, owner of RVA Physical Therapy, has two goals for his patients—one is to heal and the other is to become pain-free, using natural approaches and techniques. These techniques include dry needling, cupping, manual therapy and the use of spinal nerves. Each one encourages the body’s natural healing properties. “With dry needling, needles are strategically placed around the injured area,” he explains. “The increased blood flow starts the healing process.”

         Cupping is similar. The practitioner places small suction cups around the injured area which lift the muscle up and cause a fresh, healing blood supply to rush in to start repair of damaged or irritated tissue. “With spinal nerves, the idea is to trace the pain pathway to its source, which can be in the spine. Certain stimulation techniques in the nerves can send healing messages to the painful area,” notes Kavaserry. “Tennis elbow can resolve quickly and naturally with the use of spinal nerves.” He often uses manual therapy after dry needling or cupping to speed up the healing process.

         Compared to more conventional approaches to physical therapy, where practitioners often prescribe steroid shots and physical therapists provide an exercise regimen early on in treatment, Kavaserry and his staff believe patients need to become pain-free first in a natural way, and then build strength with exercise later. Kavaserry states, “The human body is brilliant and is naturally drawn to function in a state of well-being and balance. If I am going to do this, I am going to do it right.”

         Kavaserry experienced pain in his legs during adolescence, became aware of the mechanics of his growing frame and found relief in natural methods like simple stretching. He is passionate about continuing to learn from leaders in his field, at one point waiting two years until a spot opened in a specialty class in dry needling techniques.


RVA Physical Therapy is located at 5388 Twin Hickory Rd., Ste. 102, in Glen Allen. For appointments, call 804-396-6753 or email RVAPhysicalTherapy@gmail.com. For more information, visit RVAPhysicalTherapy.com.


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