New Hope for Dry Eye Sufferers

Brook Run Vision Center is offering soothing, extended relief for those with a form of dry eye caused by blocked oil glands (Meibomian gland dysfunction, or MGD) through a remarkable therapeutic technique known as LipiFlow.

Many of the classic signs of dry eye; redness, light sensitivity, blurry vision, itchy eyes and "foreign body" sensation are related to tear film imbalances. The eyes may be producing plenty of tears, but those tears are mostly water and mucous. The tear film is missing its third important, ingredient: oil, which sits on top of the water layer and keeps it from evaporating prematurely.

Daniel P. Gray, OD, Lester Peters, OD, and Brady Pederson, OD, can help if dry eye stems from MGD, and take the first step toward restoring the tear film to its normal, healthy state at Brook Run Vision Center.

Location: 5644 Brook Rd. For appointments, call 804-264-2956. For more information, visit



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