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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Holistic Marketplace


Our overall health and well-being consists of an amazing interconnected system of personal, social, economic and environmental conditions. How we move and work, what we eat, where we shop -- in essence, how we live -- are opportunities to maximize our health, as well as the health of the world around us. These Holistic Marketplace businesses can help you live a healthier life...

Anne M. Wrinn, C.HYP., Rapid Transformational Therapist
Anne M. Wrinn, C.HYP., Rapid Transformational Therapist
Gain confidence and joy by eliminating old, neg...

Transform bad habits, gain a sparkling life!

Barb Satterwhite, Nikken

Improve your bone density!

Debbie Troxell, RN, MSNH
Debbie Troxell, RN, MSNH
1404 Starling Drive
Richmond, VA 23229

Breast and health screenings to keep you living happily longer.

Glenmore Yoga & Wellness Center
Glenmore Yoga & Wellness Center
10442 Ridgefield Parkway
Richmond, VA 23233

Begin your journey now to a healthy body and tranquil mind.

Health InSyncs
Health InSyncs
9210 Forest Hill Avenue B-3
Richmond, VA 23235

Are YOU ready to reclaim your joy and well-being?

Project Yoga Richmond
Richmond, VA 000NA

Affordable, inclusive access to yoga and mindfulness.