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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Free E-Book on Self-Empowerment

Joni Advent Maher, MSW, the founder of Revolutionary Heart and host of the popular podcast Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow, is offering a free e-book, The Radiance Equation. This spiritual midwife and visionary leadership guide who stepped out of the spiritual closet to catalyze the next wave of emerging feminine leadership says, “Are you ready to shine?”

The Radiance Equation is for women that have wisdom and gifts gathered over a lifetime they know they are meant to share, but are holding back. “It might be confusion or lack of clarity about who it’s for, what the right form is or how to share it,” says Maher. “You might feel reluctant or full-on afraid to be seen for who you really are and what you’re really up to. You might be plagued with a voice in your head that undermines, questions or has you doubting yourself and the value of what you bring. Or you may even have external pressures from people in your life to stay small and maintain the status quo.”

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