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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Discover Indirect Hypnosis

Jenny McGurk

Jenny McGurk, owner of Hivemind Wellness, is a certified health and wellness coach, intuitive Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) expert, empath and energy worker. She is pursuing her lifelong passion for holistic health, energy healing, emotional freedom and self-empowerment with certification in Neo-Erickson Hypnosis. This cutting-edge style of hypnosis combines neuro-linguistic programming and indirect suggestion with fast induction and EFT. Indirect hypnosis empowers clients to take an active part in their healing based on the theory that the effect is more powerful if the client decides to change themselves from within.

McGurk is also a level 3 reiki master, combining the spiritual and energy healing modalities of reiki and her intuitive abilities as a lightworker and empath with scientific-based EFT.

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