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Natural Awakenings Richmond

We Are Stronger Together

We Stand Undivided (WSU), founded by Valerie McCloud in 2019,  is a community of diverse races, nationalities, cultures, religions, identities, abilities and orientations committed to addressing the divisiveness in society. WSU wants to change the narrative of intolerance by encouraging people to embrace their common humanity and move toward a greater understanding and acceptance of our differences through fostering genuine and meaningful connections. We Stand Undivided’s powerful message is—despite all that attempts to tear us apart, we will not be divided.

The approach to WSU’s monthly community meetings include connection (bringing people of different backgrounds together), education (learning about each other—our histories and cultures—and those systemic barriers to living in an equitable and peaceful society), compassion (focusing on serving charitable organizations), community involvement (community outreach and volunteerism) and modeling behavior (being active participants for and encouraging positive change).  WSU has modified its monthly programs due to the COVID-19 health crisis.

McCloud says, “Every human being, regardless of what they look like, where they come from, how they worship, how they identify, their ability or who they love, deserves to be treated with human dignity and equity in all aspects of their lives. We can come together, take a stand and make a difference.” 

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