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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Discover Infused Therapeutics Restorative Medicine

For people suffering from chronic conditions, infusion therapy is a modern breakthrough. The symptoms and causes of many chronic illnesses can be alleviated or prevented with a strong dose of vitamins administered intravenously. If taken orally, vitamins must pass through the digestive system where they are often absorbed by the body at varying rates; depending on the condition of the digestive tract, less than 10 percent of ingested vitamins may actually be absorbed by the body. An intravenous (IV) injection delivers 100 percent of the vitamins directly into the bloodstream, offering a much more efficient and accurate method of absorption and healing.

At Living Well Today International, Michael Payne, MS, CRC, CNS, says, “We are highly focused on serving our patients’ individual conditions and needs. Every treatment with infused therapeutics is a person-centered process that is scientifically supported. We provide restorative medicine for improved brain function, mid-cognitive impairments, immune support and more. Typically, people jump from one practitioner to another because they don’t see results fast enough and they don’t finish their protocol. We accomplish more with effective infusion treatments in a fraction of the time. We believe that those wanting to improve their lives must first improve their cellular health, because there is no health without cellular health.”

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