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Give the Gift of Healing this Holiday Season

Bodywork is a term used to describe treatments and techniques that help heal the body and improve one’s overall health and well-being. Bodywork includes a wide range of manipulative therapies, breath work and energy medicine, including acupuncture, chiropractic care, craniosacral therapy, massage therapy, physical therapy, reflexology, reiki, zero balancing and more.

According to Shalene Zarate of the Embodiwork Studio for Integrative Massage, in Golden, Colorado, bodywork helps many people restore the quality of their lives so they can continue to do daily activities, avoid unnecessary medical interventions, manage physical pain and lower tension and stress. The techniques and their effects are vast, but they all help with form (restructuring misalignments and mending injuries), flow (increasing circulation of the fluids contained in the body) and function (enhancing one’s ability to move).

Four local practitioners are highlighted here … this is the perfect time of year to give the gift of bodywork to yourself or a loved one.


Ariya is a Buddhist term that means “a path to excellence.” Ariya Family Chiropractic Centers provide a natural path to wellness through chiropractic care and massage therapy. Ariya takes pride in the peaceful, nurturing environment they create to provide excellent care and outstanding service. They strive to help every individual toward a health goal of functioning at their very best.

The professionals at Ariya Family Chiropractic Centers blend their talents, knowledge and healthcare disciplines into a holistic approach that has proven time and time again to be successful. We are here to ensure that every individual who comes to us—whether a newborn, an athlete, an expectant mother or a grandparent—can enjoy their lives to their fullest potential.

Six locations:

Richmond/West Hampton – 5409 Patterson Ave, 804-288-1005

Colonial Heights – 3507 Boulevard, 804-526-7125 9778

Gayton Crossing – 9778 Gayton Rd, 804-750-2400

Petersburg – 34C Medical Park Blvd, 804-862-2255

Innsbrook/West End – 10168 West Broad St, 804-270-5700

Ashland – 9535 Kings Charter Dr, 804-550-0780



Specializing in Sports Injury and Pain Management. Dr. Ramky Kavaserry, owner, Physical Therapist and Certified Exercise Trainer, is very passionate and considerate about offering individualized solutions to provide the best possible outcomes for his patients. RVA Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab is versatile in multiple therapy treatments that yield positive results and is committed to providing the care needed to get patients back to their active lifestyles.

Services include:

Dry Needling – similar to acupuncture; used in treating neural and muscular ailments.

Back to Golf Program – designed for convalescing or recuperating golf players.

Aquatic Therapy – water therapy that helps neurological disorders, musculoskeletal pain, pediatric disabilities, postoperative orthopedic rehabilitation and pressure ulcers.

Vestibular Rehabilitation – treats dizziness and vertigo.

Sports Injury and Rehabilitation – offers respite to the injured for quicker rehabilitation.

RVA Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab is located at 2620A Gaskins Rd, Henrico. Flexible scheduling is available and most major insurance plans are accepted.


[email protected]  •



OpenSpace Massage + Bodywork offers massage therapy for anxiety, trauma and pain. Whether you’re looking to heal from injury, complement your mental health treatment strategies, manage a chronic illness, create time for relaxation and decompression or just better connect with your body, OpenSpace provides an open, accepting, inclusive and safe space to help you meet your wellness goals.

OpenSpace’s massage practice is rooted in empowerment theory to help you think positively about your innate ability to take care of your body and health. Using methods based in anatomy and physiology, owner Erin Osiol tailors treatment plans based on individual client goals. She believes that when you stretch, physically and emotionally, you open up and create space for greater movement, healing, vulnerability and growth. OpenSpace is woman-and social worker-owned/operated, consent-based, trauma-informed, body-positive and LGBTQI-affirming.

9015 Forest Hill Avenue, Suite 2A, Bon Air 

804-251-0446  •



Zero Balancing, “ZB,” is a system of bodywork that combines the western focus of structure with the eastern concept of energy through “conscious touch”. Gentle pressure applied with fingertips and held stretches are focused on the bones and joints with the aim of creating points of stillness around which the body can relax and reorganize.

The Benefits of Zero Balancing:

     • Relieve tension, stress and pain

     • Improve balance and mobility

     • Amplify calm and well-being

     • Quiet the mind and expand awareness

ZB brings us out of our heads and into our bodies where we are more in tune emotionally and can better live and enjoy day-to-day existence. ZB also facilitates balance and a clearer, stronger flow of energy in the body.

Sondra Sealine

Zero Balancing Practitioner


[email protected]