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Taming Fear is Just the Beginning

Fear can stop even the bravest and boldest dead in their tracks. Brian Muka, founder of Fear Sherpa, has written a book, Your Secret Superpower, Tame Fear to Thrive, which describes how he coaches others to harness their fear and make it work for them, instead of against them.

Having to face his fears on a daily basis when he was a Navy special operations officer, Muka says, “Overcoming fear is a tremendous waste of a potent fuel.” In his new role as a performance coach and speaker, he doesn’t teach or recommend simply overcoming fear. “I inspire others to harness fear by commanding it and its minions: stress, worry, doubt, shame, guilt, procrastination, regret, workaholism and perfectionism.”

Muka teaches his clients how to dance with courage. “It’s what’s on the other side of what feels difficult where our next breakthrough lives, and it is where our best life is waiting for us to leap towards it,” he explains.

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