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Natural Awakenings Richmond

2020 Vegan72 Restaurant Challenge

Vegan Action will host Vegan72, Richmond’s third annual vegan restaurant challenge, from January 24 through 26 with local chefs creating exciting, unique vegan options. On Friday night, John Joseph, three-time Iron Man athlete, author and singer for the Cro-Mags band, will be speaking at The Camel. Vegan72 is an annual event aimed at increasing vegan options and sharing information in the Richmond community about choosing a vegan lifestyle.

On Saturday, the big event from noon to 6 p.m. at The Hof will feature physician Dr. Neal Barnard; Lauren Ornelas, founder of the Food Empowerment Project; Jasmine Leyva, director of The Invisible Vegan documentary; Barbara J. King, professor of anthropology and author of six books including How Animals Grieve and Personalities on the Plate: The Lives and Minds of Animals We Eat and author and vlogger, Plant-Based Gabriel.

There will also be a vegan bazaar with local crafts, wares and treats for purchase, as well as delicious vegan food. Sunday is Vegan Trivia Night at Sticky Rice at 10 p.m.

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