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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Get a Spiritual Makeover in 2020

The Innerwork Center’s popular deep-dive program, Spiritual Paths, has been reborn as Foundations of Innerwork. Around the holidays and the dawning of a new year, we come face-to-face with some really big questions, and it may be time for a spiritual makeover; a time to dig into life’s biggest, most intriguing questions guided by some of The Innerwork Center’s most respected and experienced facilitators.

Participants in this intensive, eight-session program will gain inner authority during these uncertain times and a deeper sense of their own spirituality with an in-person and online community to support them going forward. The Foundations of Innerwork provides ample time for structured introspection and contemplation while leaving space for self-exploration and discovery.

Classes are held from 5:30 to 8 p.m., January 28, February 11, February 18, February 25, March 3, March 10 and March 31, with a retreat on March 21. The guiding facilitator is Steve Matthews, with guest facilitators Philip Davidson, Vicki Saunders, Peggy Siegel, John Taylor and Martha Tyler.

Cost is $485 for members/$695 for nonmembers. Scholarships are available. Register online at For more information, email [email protected].