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Second Annual Women’s Integrative Health and Healing Conference

by Julie Peterson

On Saturday, May 16, the second annual Women’s Integrative Health and Healing Conference will be held at the Lakewood Clubhouse Auditorium from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The conference organizers strive to provide women with the most advanced concepts in the field of alternative and holistic medicine.

The key sponsor of the event, The New Woman LLC, is an expansion of Apex-MD ~ Family Practice and Integrative Holistic Medicine, a primary care and family medicine practice that includes an Integrated Holistic Wellness Center.  The New Woman’s mission is to transform the lives of women by empowering them to choose proactive wellness and sustainable living. “Self-care for women is important. As a woman, you take care of everybody. Why not take a day to take care of yourself?” says Rumki Banerjee, M.D., co-founder and Medical Director of Apex MD. Other major sponsors of the event include Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy, RVA Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, Alison Breast Imaging and Natural Awakenings Richmond.

The conference will feature speakers on health, wellness and environmental issues. It will also have booths to showcase local wellness and sustainable vendors and their products. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to and speak with experts in several fields and network with other women who are interested in self-discovery, proactive wellness, health, healing and sustainability.

Some of the topics that will be covered include gender differences in coronary heart disease, how the gut microbiome affects the brain, pain management using dietary and mind-body approaches, CBD, sleep issues and natural approaches to mental health that will teach attendees how to achieve greater vitality, equanimity, openness and connection. The power of integrative health and medicine to heal people and the planet will also be covered in-depth.

“Because women’s health needs and issues are unique, it’s important for women to be informed on everything that can affect her well-being, in all aspects of her life,” says Dr. Banerjee. She points out that increased well-being for a woman can include things such as learning to put herself and her wellness at the top of her to-do list, being aware of the unique physical issues that women in all stages of life may face, knowing where to turn for advice and care on women’s issues, in addition to being educated to help the planet by purchasing eco-friendly products and participating in sustainable practices.

As the primary caretakers of children and households, women have a great deal of influence and power to drive significant social change when they are healthy and well-informed. Women teach other women, they demonstrate health and sustainable living to their families and they make a difference with their everyday purchases, consumer preferences and lifestyle choices. “When women learn how to take care of themselves, they can take care of the community in better ways,” says Dr. Banerjee.

Tickets are $50 before May 16 and $80 at the door and include lunch. Location: 1900 Lauderdale Dr. For more information on the conference speakers and activities or to register, go to or email [email protected].  

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