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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Need a Coat, Take a Coat

Oftentimes, the world seems filled with problems that feel far too overwhelming to solve. While empathy allows us to connect with the suffering of others, it is compassion that moves us from feelings to skillful action. This truth played out in RVA when a family in the suburbs partnered with a business in the city to promote skillful action, bathed in kindness. Chesterfield residents Frank and Sheila Battle, whose home—the Battle Station—provides a respite for so many in the community, saw an article on social media about a business that hosted a free coat rack for members of the community in need. They decided to bring that idea to Richmond and asked for a local business to sponsor the program.

Natasha Freeman, owner of Lucid Living, was the first to respond, and so RVA’s “Need a Coat, Take a Coat, Have a Coat, Leave a Coat” program was born. From the get-go, friends, families, business owners and complete strangers made the trip to fill up the rack each day. Then stories and support began to pour in from people that realized just how such a small act could make a big difference in the community.

While it is true that none of our social ills will be resolved quickly, finding a way to do what you can with skillful action can make a big difference. Coat donations of any kind and size will continue to be collected through the end of March. The rack is located at the corner of Third and Grace Streets, in downtown Richmond.

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