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Lapiplasty Reduces Recovery Time

Bunions (Hallux valgus) are one of the most common chronic foot ailments, causing functional disability, pain, impaired gait, poor balance and in the elderly, falls. Surgical and non-surgical treatments have been met with mixed results, including months of recovery time and a significant incidence of recurrence after surgical treatment.

A new, 3D Lapiplasty procedure has patients walking in a surgical boot in half the time of the traditional comparable procedure, while permanently correcting the deformity by rotating the bone back to its normal alignment. The new procedure restores natural anatomy and reduces recovery time. Once the bones realign, they are secured with two low-profile, anatomically-shaped titanium plates that form a stable foundation with less chance of recurrence.

The Foot & Ankle Center, located on the campus of Johnston-Willis Hospital, is the first in Richmond to offer the procedure. For more information, visit