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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Tune Up Your Brain With Neurofeedback

Mind Fitness RVA is offering a Tune Up Your Brain event featuring NeurOptimal neurofeedback, a 100 percent non-invasive, drug-free and effortless brain training system for stress management, optimal performance and general well-being, on March 7 and April 11. Their new office is located at InHealth RVA, 5540 Falmouth Street, Suite 307. At Tune-Up Your Brain, participants can experience a sample brain training session for $35. During the sample session, they will listen to relaxing music for 33 minutes while sensors are hooked up to their head and scalp.

At Mind Fitness RVA, clients can train their brain to learn how to reorganize itself to be more flexible and resilient. With this passive training, clients find they start to think with greater clarity, have more confidence, sleep better and feel less stressed, with a more open and positive mindset.